Board of Directors


Mario Manansala - Chair

Agnes Tolentino - Vice Chair

Noel Guevarra - Vice Chair


Liza Alzona - Vice Hermana

Officer1 Officer2

Joel Mallari - Hermano

2016 Officers

Honorary Directors

Virginia Barin

Thelma Lingad

Linda Pangilinan

Virginia Vitug

Raymond Barin

Armando Capuli

Hipolito Capuli

Francisco Manansala

Rustico Panlaqui

Honorato Vitug

Juanito Vitug

+ Alma Gabriel

+ Norberto Pangilinan

Executive Members

Janice Vitug - Secretary

May Thai - Treasurer

Elita Gabriel & Jonathan De Guzman - Auditors

Sunny Roncal, Crisalida Gabriel

Arturo Lazaro, Demi Taloma

Romeo Lazaro, Elvira Libatique

Sonny Manansala, Maria Garcia

Edgar Gabriel, Nida Matias

Emerson Alvarez, Edna Sabino

Ray Tolentino, Melissa Guevarra

Pong Danan, Mary Ann Llenado

Julian Guevarra, Yolanda Tayag,

Dong Roque, Gemma Capuli Kraus

Nick Quizon, Lotis Capuli

Rhoda Talampas, Lina Accad

Officers 2016 - 2017

Ezperanza Vitug - Hermana

Joel Mallari - Hermano

Liza Alzona - Vice Hermana

Pepito Tolentino - Vice Hermano

Board of Directors

Mario Manansala - Chair

Agnes Tolentino - Vice Chair

Noel Guevarra - Vice Chair

Executive Board Members

Antonio “White” Gabriel

Jesusa Tayag Lingad

Gilbert Capuli

Arlene Danan

Henry Manansala

Jellen Vitug

Edith Aquino

Emerson Alvarez

Marilay Danan

Josefino Gabriel

Mary Ann Guevarra

Glenn Vitug

Armi Taloma

Noriel Vitug

Nanet Lingad

Esperanza Vitug - Hermana

Pepito Tolentino  - Vice Hermano

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Together for a good cause



The first step to accomplishing any goal is believing that we can. We begin with this belief and then figure out what we need to do to complete the goal.

But believing in our ability to accomplish something sometimes requires considerable will. For one reason or another, there may be many voices telling us we can’t or shouldn’t attempt a particular goal. If we listen to these voices, we have failed before we even try.

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