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Lubao News

Mario Manansala



Welcome home! Historically, the Lucian migrants mostly originated from barrio Sta. Lucia. A small community from the town of Lubao, Pampanga. Most of us came from a humble beginning and there’s no denying that many succeeded in living a decent and deserving lifestyle here in the United States. However, knowing some may still struggle to attain the American dream, we Lucian’s must not ignore.

The Lucian Community have grown steadily and admired by other known organizations. We managed to keep a tradition that kept us strong in what we believe. We set goals and we, as a team, always at our best to accomplish them. If we failed to meet some of our milestones, let not be an excuse to give up. We must move forward with new hope and determination as we learn from previous experience. Lastly, let me end this message by saying: Continue the good work and value respect at all level.

Dacal a salamat po.