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The organization was founded by group of Lucian’s who migrated from the barrio of Santa Lucia in Lubao, Pampanga, Philippines. Since inception, the LSC organization main goal is to support hometown public needs by providing shelter and medical assistance to the underprivileged and the maintenance of our chapel in Santa Lucia.

The organization also support, but not limited to, the Filipino Charitable Foundations which are registered in the United States. These activities are being undertaken by serving Officers and Members of the organization which resources comes from voluntary donations and fund raising drives.

Santa Lucia - Lubao, Pampanga

Santa Lucia

Working together for a good cause

To continue its charitable work to provide the needed support to the underprivileged both locally and back home.

To build a Lucian Community Center here in Los Angeles which will be the future home for our patron Saint Santa Lucia to the underprivileged both locally and back home.

The LSC organization is committed to make a difference.

Santa Lucia Chapel

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Together for a good cause



The first step to accomplishing any goal is believing that we can. We begin with this belief and then figure out what we need to do to complete the goal.

But believing in our ability to accomplish something sometimes requires considerable will. For one reason or another, there may be many voices telling us we can’t or shouldn’t attempt a particular goal. If we listen to these voices, we have failed before we even try.

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